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The Technical Department contributes to two main sectors namely Farm Equipment and Outdoor Power Equipment, and steers members through respective sub committees and groups aligned to the organisational structure such as ATVs and Side by Side vehicles, Chemical Applications, Implements, Rough Terrain Vehicles/Variable Reach Trucks, Service Managers, Standards & Regulations and Tractors.

The focus is on providing information on Standards and legislation, and guidance as well as feedback to the industry via stakeholder representation.

Close liaison with CEMA (Comite Europeen Des Groupements De Constructeurs Du Machinisme Agricole) and EGMF (European Garden Machinery Industry Federation) takes place and is an ongoing commitment. AEA Technical has a seat on the Technical board of CEMA and also the EGMF Technical committee as well as the ATVEA (All Terrain Vehicle Industry European Association) Technical committee.

Technical forums are well established with stakeholders such as DfT (Department for Transport), BEIS (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy), HSE (Health & Safety Executive), BSI (British Standards Institute) and the EU Commission, allowing a portfolio of information to gather and aid a collective voice to go forwards and progress/protect the interests of the industry.

Aims and Objectives

  • Member technical needs are catered for by representation
  • Opportunities to develop technical standards to aid compliance with EU Directives and enhance machine, product or vehicle design are provided by AEA technical committees
  • Opportunities to participate in peer European legislative groups are provided by AEA technical committees and within the CEMA/EGMF/ATVEA remit
  • Members have the opportunity to seek guidance on various compliance and homologation issues by contact with the technical department who have a Standards library, regular technical bulletins and engineers with a vast amount of experience to help solve many complex issues
  • For global issues the technical department through its staff and member experts participate in CEN/CENELEC standards meetings within Europe and ISO/IEC standards meetings worldwide

Liaison with AEM (Association of Equipment Manufacturers) and ASABE (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers) is well established in the USA/North America and partnerships with technical groups in Brazil, China, Korea, and Japan are a clear benefit with rapport built over several years.

Current activities and challenges

  • Participation in over 100 committees
  • External secretariat of 6 BSI Agricultural and Outdoor Power equipment committees in partnership with the UK National Standards body
  • Chair of ISO/TC 23/SC 6/WG 5 Knapsack Sprayers
  • Chair of ISO/TC 23/SC 6/WG 19 Vocabulary
  • Chair of ISO/TC 23/SC 6/WG 24 Closed Transfer Systems
  • Chair of ISO/TC 23/SC 7/WG 11 Pick-up balers and bale wrappers – Safety requirements
  • Chair of ISO/TC 23/SC 17 Manually portable forest machinery
  • Chair of ISO/TC 23/SC 17/WG 1 Terminology and symbols
  • Chair of IEC/TC 116/WG 10 Garden electric tools
  • Chair of CEN/TC 144/WG 1 General safety requirements
  • Chair of CEN/TC 144/WG 6 Manually portable forestry machinery
  • Chair of CEN/TC 144/WG 7 Garden Equipment
  • Chair of CLC/TC 116/WG 5 Portable electric tools
  • Secretariat of ISO/TC 23/SC 6/WG 19 Vocabulary
  • Secretariat of ISO/TC 23/SC 6/WG 24 Closed Transfer Systems
  • Secretariat of ISO/TC 23/SC 6/WG XX Unmanned Aerial Systems (Vehicle Sprayers)
  • Secretariat of ISO/TC 23/SC 17/WG 1 Terminology and symbols
  • Secretariat of CEN/TC 144/WG 7 Garden Equipment
  • Secretariat of CEN/TC 354/WG 2 All-Terrain Vehicles and Side by Side vehicles
  • Participation in over 200 International projects
  • Meeting locations in the last few years have noted 20 countries in Europe, several USA States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Korea and Japan
  • Participation in activities is on behalf of members and member companies
  • Overseas participation is jointly funded by AEA/BSI/BIS on behalf of UK industry PLC where involvement to secure long term funds is protracted
  • Standards are available to members at half the price quoted by the BSI or any other UK standards supplier