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Tractor Statistics

UK tractor registrations are taken as a broad indicator of the strength of the domestic market for agricultural equipment. Tractors must be licensed for use on public roads and as such are registered with the Department for Transport which allows an accurate count to be made. In value terms, sales of tractors, plus parts and accessories, account for almost one half of farmers’ total spend on equipment, which again makes this data series a prime indicator.

United Kingdom Tractor Registrations

Agricultural Tractor Registrations (>50 hp) : Monthly 2017-2019

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Source: AEA Economics Department

* Please note that the figures for registrations in all months between January and July 2019 have been revised since they were originally published, due to discrepancies identified in the information sent to AEA by DVLA during that period.

Agricultural Tractors: Registrations tracked above the previous year’s level throughout most of the first half of 2018, although the peak in March was slightly lower than the year before. From the late summer onwards, registrations were at similar levels to 2017, except in December; registrations in December 2017 were inflated in advance of the new regulations which came into force on 1 January 2018. Overall registrations in 2018 were marginally higher than in 2017.

History: The rise in tractor registrations in 2018 was only the third in the last decade. However, after a prolonged period of decline, numbers are still well below the peak years around a decade ago. The second chart illustrates that the total power of the tractors registered in 2018 topped 2 million horsepower for the first time since 2012, when 15% more tractors were registered. The average power of tractors continued to rise, in line with the long-term trend.

Regional: At regional level, the market in 2018 was stronger in the North of England than in the South, although the best performing region was the East Midlands, where nearly 200 extra machines were registered. There were declines in the Southern regions and East Anglia, as well as in Scotland. Wales and Northern Ireland saw increased registrations, though, as well as those in the Northern regions of England.

UK Tractor Registrations: Market Share Analysis

Source: AEA Economics Department

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N.B. Data includes Compact Tractors (<= 50 hp) and Agricultural tractors (> 50 hp)
Case includes Steyr, MF includes Challenger, McCormick includes Valpadana
Data released after one year delay

UK Agricultural Tractor Registrations (> 50hp)

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