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Look Behind You Guide

…. A lot has changed in the 10 years’ since the last copy of the Look Behind You Guide and this updated version looks to raise awareness and understanding.

The guide is aimed at farmers, tractor drivers, mechanics and technicians – indeed anyone using, purchasing or maintaining tractors and trailers.

It seeks to raise user awareness of what is needed from tractor-trailer braking systems, in order to obtain good performance and also to comply with the minimum legal requirements.

It will also help users to make informed purchasing decisions and to recognise shortfalls in the braking systems of their current vehicles.

On behalf of the AEA, Andy Scarlett from Scarlett Research Ltd introduces the Look Behind You Guide and why it’s important that you read it. The addition of video and animated video content makes up a huge part of the new guide.

How to download and view the guide

To ensure this guide can be viewed by all, no matter where they are we are proud to be releasing it in several different versions. Alongside the hard copy print version which can be requested below, we’re also releasing the guide in three digital versions.


The most commonly downloaded option and applicable with all PDF readers where Videos will be viewed live on YouTube. Internet connection is required to view video content. Can be viewed on any laptop, computer or mobile device. However when viewing this version on a mobile device you may require a suitable PDF viewer App to view video content (Android, Apple).

File size 4MB

Interactive PDF

Best suited for Windows laptops when internet access is not possible during later viewing. Videos are embedded within the guide. Must be viewed with Acrobat Reader DC and not Adobe Acrobat Pro or browser based Readers.

File size 75MB


Best suited for Apple and iOS devices. Download this file and view on your laptop or tablet anywhere, anytime. Video files are embedded within the guide and can therefore be viewed without internet access once downloaded.

File size 105MB

Further Useful Information

A useful ‘Health Check’ form to aid regular on-farm inspection of trailers & trailed implements (trailed appliances) may be downloaded from


To find your local Brake Testing Specialist visit and click on Brake Testing Centres.