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As part of the Land-based Engineering, Training & Education Committee (LE-TEC) the AEA were proud to announce the launch of #WeAreLandbased in 2022.

Introducing #WeAreLandbased

The Land-based Engineering Training and Education Committee (LE-TEC Ltd), a Private Company Limited by Guarantee, is sponsored by three main industry bodies: The Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA), British Agricultural and Garden Machinery Association (BAGMA) and the Institution of Agricultural Engineers (IAgrE). Together, with the backing of the industry they were pleased to announce the launch of the We Are Land-based Engineering campaign in 2022.

The We Are Land-based Engineering campaign comprises of a dedicated website – and social media profiles (@WeAreLandbased) that work as a hub of information for all things land-based engineering. Providing students, parents and teachers will all the information they need to better understand exactly what land-based engineering is, the vibrant careers on offer and also the various educational pathways in to the industry. Backed up with real-life technicians telling their stories, from 1st year Apprentices to Managing Directors and Lecturers, they are all there to share their stories.

To support the website, there is also a printed DL leaflet that explains everything you need to know about land-based engineering. A digital version can be found here. If you’d like hard copies please reach out via the AEA or We Are Land-based website directly.

At the launch of the We Are Land-based Engineering campaign, a quick 60 second animation was produced as an overview to land-based engineering!

For more information or if you want to get involved in the We Are Land-based Engineering campaign, visit