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The UK’s decision to leave the European Union is likely to lead to the most significant period of change for the agricultural engineering industry in a generation. Many of the changes which happen because of Brexit will make a big difference to AEA member companies.

These include the nature of our future trading relationships with the EU and major non-EU markets; future UK agricultural policy; the availability of migrant workers for agri-food businesses; the extent and nature of any customs processes and declarations; the regulatory framework and any changes to testing and approval processes; and intellectual property rights. In most cases, these will depend on the outcome of negotiations between the UK and the EU over the coming months.

During this period of uncertainty, AEA’s responsibility is to ensure that the industry emerges from this period in as strong a position as possible. We are doing that in three main ways:

  • Providing information to members about the key issues around Brexit, progress with negotiations, and policy and regulatory developments
  • Helping members to identify challenges and opportunities for their companies and implications for the way that they do business, in the UK, with the EU and across the rest of the world
  • Working in partnership with other organisations, including through membership of the Agri-Brexit Coalition and EURIS, to make sure that the voice of the industry is heard and members are able to benefit from the opportunities which Brexit provides

As well as working with pre-existing partnerships on Brexit, AEA has also joined the newly-formed Agri-Brexit Coalition. This is a group of eight trade associations and professional bodies involved in supplying products, services and advice to farmers. It aims to work with UK governments to shape a Post-Brexit world where a productive and sustainable agriculture benefits the nation’s economy and environment, by:

  1. Seeking a fair trading position for UK agriculture across Europe and beyond
  2. Delivering innovation
  3. Raising productivity; delivering economic benefit
  4. Creating practical solutions to policy and regulation
  5. Helping to deliver a modern, resilient UK agriculture