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CESAR Scheme

The AEA is an official supporter of the CESAR scheme (Construction and Agriculture Equipment Security and Registration scheme) – helping to protect equipment from theft.

What Is CESAR?

CESAR is the official construction and agricultural equipment security and registration scheme powered by Datatag Id Ltd. Established in 2008, it is the only scheme of its kind which incorporates a database of ownership, allowing stolen machinery to be identified and returned to its rightful owner.

CESAR marking of agricultural machinery has contributed to a 60% decline in thefts since the scheme was launched. That’s 60% fewer farmers put to the inconvenience of coping without the equipment they need, often at busy times of year, never mind the cost and time of replacing the lost machine.

The triangular CESAR registration plate has become the industry standard identification mark and acts as a significant deterrent against theft. It’s almost unbeatable layers of security marking technologies also make CESAR an invaluable aid to recovery; CESAR marked machines are more than twice as likely to be recovered as unmarked equipment. That’s why all major insurance companies offer discounts of up to 20% on premiums and reduced excesses for cover on CESAR-marked machines.

CESAR uses State of the Art Datatag ID technology, with both visible and covert markings, making it a real deterrent. There is a secure and dedicated 24/7 UK secure Contact Centre and strong links with the Police, ensuring that details of stolen machinery can be circulated quickly, improving the chances of recovery.

There are no annual fees for CESAR, just a one-off investment in marking and registering your equipment for life.

CESAR Enquiries
CESAR secure contact centre: 03450 700440