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The AEA was established in 1875 to promote the commercial, technical and trade interests of British manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural machinery and equipment.
The three key figures involved were Robert Ransome (Ransomes, Ipswich), Joseph Shuttleworth (Clayton & Shuttleworth, Lincoln) and Robert Fowler (John Fowler & Co, Leeds).
The first meeting was held on 2nd November 1875 at the Westminster Palace Hotel, London where Bernhard Samuelson (Samuelson & Co) was elected as President.


In 1883, an annual dinner was introduced (later being held in conjunction with the Agricultural Machinery Dealers’ Association, which was formed in 1899). Individual members continued to make frequent technical advances in the equipment they produced, but by the end of the century the Association’s profile, in the press at least, seems to have reduced.


At the annual meeting in 1921, AEA President P. W. Robson (Clayton & Shuttleworth) estimated the value of equipment sold by its 61 members in the home market to be at least £0.5 million.
Around this time the AEA began to take an interest in improvement in machinery design as progress in this was slow and much of the research being carried out by institutes and colleges was regarded as unprofessional.


In 1946 there had been 78 full members plus 136 associates and affiliates but a decade later this had risen to 136 full members along with 21 associates. Over the same period the AEA’s income increased from £2,592 to £22,769, although this was partly due to an additional source – in 1956 almost £6,000 came from the AEA’s share of Smithfield Show profits.


During this post-war period the AEA extended it’s membership to include American companies. Representatives from companies including Massey-Harris and International Harvester joined the Council and by 1957 committees were re-organised from covering individual product types to pre-harvest, harvest and post-harvest equipment, tractors and horticultural kit.  The core work of the Association, however, was through its committees dealing with home affairs, NFU consultation, dealer relationship, shows, cost investigation, shipping, transport and, increasingly, export affairs.
During this period the number of associate members rose sharply, as tyre manufacturers, diesel engine producers and component makers saw the need to forge links with the machinery giants.


In 1958 the AEA became a founder member of CEMA, the European umbrella organisation for Agricultural Machinery Associations, giving British companies an opportunity for involvement with European trade affairs. CEMA’s first General Assembly was hosted by the AEA at the Park Lane Hotel, London, on 10th July 1959. The AEA is still a member of CEMA today.


In 1988 the AEA formed an Outdoor Power and Equipment sector, the same year as the lease for the offices at 6 Buckingham Gate was sold and purpose built-premises purchased in Peterborough.  Subsequently, the British Lawnmowers Federation (BLMF) and the British All-Terrain Vehicle Association (BATVA) were incorporated.


The AEA moved to its current location at 62 Forder Way, Hampton, Peterborough with the building being officially opened on 25th June 2008 by the Princess Royal.


Ruth Bailey joined the AEA and became the new Director General and Chief Executive Officer for the Association.


The Agricultural Engineers Association has now formally elected President, Mr Les Malin. Mr Malin is Managing Director of Etesia UK and has been an active member of the AEA for over 14 years.

Due to Covid-19 the 2020 AEA Annual General Meeting was postponed, leading the Association to take the unprecedented step to nominate Mr Les Malin as its President-Elect. Now, however, and following recently introduced changes in legislation, Mr Malin’s role as President of the AEA has been formalised, as the AGM was allowed to be held virtually, with some 30 participants in attendance, as well as the company legal advisors to ensure all was legally binding.


The Agricultural Engineers Association has now formally elected President, Mr Martin Hamer. Mr Hamer Fendt Sales Manager of AGCO UK.

Preparations have already begun to mark the 150th anniversary of the AEA which will take place in 2025.