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Martin Lishman Ltd

Established in 1975, Martin Lishman Ltd originally specialised in marketing innovative products connected with grain storage, pellet spreading and spraying. Gradually the business developed a strong position in the agricultural market in the areas of crop storage and monitoring, potato quality, compact spraying systems and cultivation wearing parts.

Pile-Dry Pedestals

Martin Lishman pioneered the use of Pile-Dry Pedestals and Fans, the original vertical crop ventilation system, over 40 years ago. The system is the fastest low volume grain cooling system available, working by sucking cool air through the stored crop to achieve safe storage conditions. Pile-Dry Pedestals reduce pest infestation, aid better germination and allow longer storage times.


FloorVent utilizes the exceptional cooling power of the Pile-Dry Pedestal fans without the need to climb the grain heap to move them. The fans are located outside the store with underfloor pipework connecting to a perforated section on a removable floor plate in the store. With depths of more than 12m grain storage possible, the FloorVent system is suited to overhead filling and is the most cost-effective installation to cool your crop.

Barn Owl Wireless

The most technically advanced and energy efficient automatic fan control and crop monitoring system on the market. The system uses wireless temperature probes sending readings to the internet where it can be monitored by the user on any internet enabled device. The system works in tandem with the Pile Dry Pedestal or FloorVent system by automatically turning fans on only when required; enabling huge energy savings.

Compact Spraying Systems

With beginnings in agricultural spraying Martin Lishman understand the demands that can be placed on sprayers in heavy use. A wide range of compact sprayers from 70 litre ATV sprayers to 600 litre professional specification tractor mounted units are available to suit most situations. The recent venture into the Turfcare industry brought with it the Micro-Spray, a fully electric pedestrian sprayer that’s proven popular with football grounds staff at clubs such as Leicester City and Real Madrid.

Potato Quality

The TuberLog Electronic Potato has been a big success with potato growers and processors worldwide. It is a logging device that detects bruise-causing areas in all types of potato handling machinery, measuring shocks in real time and enabling operators to quickly assess how serious the problem is. Other equipment in the range includes the Potato HotBox for bruising assessment, dry matter testing and sugar testing.

Bourgault Tillage Tools

Martin Lishman introduced the range of cultivation wearing parts from this leading Canadian manufacturer 17 years ago. Since then, highly innovative systems such as Speed-Loc quick-change point adapters, a quick-change drilling system and, most recently, the Versatile Opener System (VOS) have become popular with both UK manufacturers and farmers as standard and retrofit systems for most types of cultivator and drill.