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H L Hutchinson Ltd

Hutchinsons takes a dynamic, forward thinking approach to supporting grower clients in the production of quality crops and food in a sustainable and responsible manner. With turnover in excess of £200 million, the business has grown to become the leading national   agricultural and horticultural input advice and supply company.

Agriculture and horticulture have always faced fluctuating conditions and prosperity and the industry is once again experiencing a period of significant change. After several decades where food security has been low on government agendas and householders have enjoyed high quality food at relatively cheap prices, the current situation has seen the unit price of staple foodstuffs like bread, milk, eggs, vegetables and meat increase significantly.

At Hutchinsons, long term commitment to customers and staff continues to ensure that the business will be able to successfully meet the needs and improve profitability of farmers and growers in the future. Hutchinsons recognises that the people working within the business are the essential ingredient in maintaining and enhancing the quality of service offered to their customers.

This philosophy, allied to technological advances and continuity of management has proved to be a key strength. Hutchinsons employs over 350 staff, of which more than half are directly involved with customer service and agronomic relationships. Behind the front-line agronomists are an efficient and dedicated team of stores personnel, delivery drivers and office staff who provide high quality customer support and service.