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George Moate

George Moate has a proven track record introducing innovative machinery that has transformed the planting of root crops.

In 2002, we designed and launched the first hydraulic folding Tiller to the market.  This has since been superseded by our new gear driven Heavy Duty Tiller, suitable for larger HP tractors.

Our biggest success is the award-winning Tillerstar.  Our unique and patented one-pass machine works directly into stubble, eliminating the need for deep ridging, tilling and de-stoning in most soil types and conditions.  It makes up to 3 beds for the planter to follow, leading to major savings in time, labour and fuel.  Our customers’ feedback is that they are making financial savings of up to £300 per hectare.  Additional benefits include improved drainage and reduced soil compaction.

One of our customers is quoted as saying, “Now we use the Tillerstar to do all of the operations in just one pass; it’s quicker, has simplified the logistics involved in getting men, tractors and machines to the right place at the right time and it’s cut our costs”.

We can supply any specification of bed forming hoods and rollers and it is suitable for the cultivation of potatoes, carrots, onions, beetroot, swedes, leeks, parsnips, tulips, daffodils, salads and turf.

All of our machines are available with our Quick Change blades as well as our unique, longer lasting Carbide Edged blades.

Our high quality machines can be built and manufactured to your own specification in our state of the art factory in Norfolk, UK.  We are specialists in designing and engineering bespoke machines to meet the exact requirements of your farm.