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Berthoud Sprayers Ltd

Founded in 1895 with the aim of helping the Beaujolais wine-growers protect their vines against parasites and disease, BERTHOUD has an exceptional heritage of more than 120 years of experience in the protection of plants.

Since it was founded , the company based in Belleville (Rhone) has risen from being a national operator and pioneer in vine and agricultural spraying to become a specialist of world renown in crop spraying and application techniques for all types of crops.

“We support our customers and business partners the world over as a skilled, trusted specialist, actively participating in the development and progress of our sector, namely the quest for productivity, spraying quality, safety, information and the environment,” declared Sebastien Tremblias, Managing Director of BERTHOUD.

“The successful pursuit of our profitable growth strategy is based on our 220 employees and of the

600 distributors worldwide. Our long experience, innovative power, growing international presence and our vast range of products for row crops, vines and orchards are also an important part of our achievements.”

BERTHOUD’s success over more than 120 years endorses the company’s desire to invest and innovate for the future.

In this world of constant change where the demographic outlook is exponential (9 billion people by 2050), BERTHOUD intends to pursue its innovation drive to reconcile the dual targets of economic performance and ecological performance on farms, and thus safeguard public health.

“New technologies are a key factor for success in the future,” adds Sebastien Tremblias.

BERTHOUD: a brand focused on the future

In 2017/ 2018 BERTHOUD is writing a new page of its history by unveiling 3 major innovations both at the technical level (with the presentation of the new HERMES tractor-mounted sprayer and the new VANTAGE trailed sprayer),  and the technological level  with (the BERTHOUD ISOBUS solutions).

The UK is a major export market for BERTHOUD with a sales office based in Norfolk and dedicated distributors and service agents across the country.