The AEA has produced three short articles on Tractor Selection, Management and Optimisation giving broad advice. To get the most out of a tractor it is necessary to choose the correct unit in the first place and then to operate it at greatest efficiency.

We also include a short commentary on the contribution of tyres to machine performance but operators should refer to suppliers’ detailed advisory material for a complete guidance.

When tractors and their associated equipment are used efficiently then there can be environmental gains and in particular fuel use can be minimised whilst emissions are reduced. Manufacturers have made great strides to design efficiencies into their product with today’s engines much less thirsty but operators have a part to play and these notes are part of the industry effort in participating in the pan-farming activity of the Greenhouse Gas Action Plan.

Such advisory notes also can assist the operator to perform safely and as such these notes meld with the AEA contribution toward improving farm safety under the Farm Safety Charter.

Tractor Selection (789)
Tractor Management (581)
Tractor Optimisation (744)

The Right Tyre Changes Everything (423) (Source: Michelin)