We are pleased to welcome Daniel Fasham to the AEA. Daniel comes to us as our new Business Analyst and we’re delighted that he’s decided to join us to strengthen our capabilities and the team working on market intelligence and statistics.

 Daniel’s role will be to work with Chris and Graham and take a look at how we collate, manage and disseminate our data and information in a more effective and useful manner. In particular he will be looking at some of the more incongruous systems we run and looking for updated and alternative methods of producing and delivering our stats and news.

 Daniel has a wide range of work experience but more recently comes from the automotive industry where he has worked with data systems for vehicle registration and with data determining sales-lead opportunities. Not only has he experience of working with the DVLA (Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency) and several other relevant bodies, he is experienced in sales analysis, market opportunities, due diligence and research led reporting. He has also worked directly with the customer base (in automotive) and so we will be encouraging him to engage with and work with members on a one to one basis from the start. We believe Daniel is a perfect match for the AEA and our current capabilities. We also believe that Daniel will be able to move us forward in the whole realm of data presentation and economic information.