The AEA AGM and Conference recently took place at One Great George Street, London SW1.The building, designed by James Miller, is the headquarters of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), the world's first professional engineering body. Celebrating the greats of British Civil Engineering such as Brunel, Telford and Stephenson, the Great Hall provides a wonderful backdrop for the yearly event.

 ‘We were delighted for a full house in attendance this year and genuinely express our thanks and gratitude to our sponsors, to all those who contributed to its organisation and of course, to all our members who attended and we hope everyone who attended enjoyed the day’ explained Ruth Bailey, AEA CEO and DG.

 ‘There were some thought-provoking speakers and although several of our members have seen better economic times than the recent last few years, there was superb social buzz about the place; it was an ideal opportunity for networking and for the industry to get together with guests and clients alike’.

 The newly elected President Mr. Ian Small of Briggs & Stratton was very clear in his address. He determines that a focus on communication and training for all members has never been so important as at times such as these. Ian stated that:

 “[] the single most precious quality we all need in order to prosper in these uncharted waters is knowledge.” Qualifying this statement with two quotations: “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” Benjamin Franklin and from another American – Henry Ford – “Anyone who stops learning is old whether twenty or eighty.  Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” 

 The date of next year’s AGM and Conference has been set as 11th April 2017.