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UK Agricultural Tractor Registrations – May 2018

The brief slowdown in UK agricultural tractor (over 50hp) registrations recorded in February and March seems to be well and truly over.

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8th June 2018


NSTS will unveil a fresh new look at Cereals this year.

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13th June 2018


ScotGrass is set to return to Crichton Royal Farm at Dumfries in 2019 by the kind permission of SRUC.

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17th May 2018

AEA Welcome Robert Crook – AEA Technical and Standards Engineer

We are delighted to announce that Robert Crook has joined the AEA team in the role of Technical and Standards Engineer.

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4th May 2018


Christopher Cooper, product marketing manager of popular lawn care brands, Hayter and Toro, was recently named President of the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA).

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12th April 2018


The Landbased Engineering Training and Education Committee (LE-TEC) have launched their new World of Opportunities brochure to promote careers within the Landbased Engieering sector.

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18th April 2018

2018 - 2019 OPE and FE Council Chairs

The AEA is pleased to announce the appointments of the 2018 - 2019 Farm Equipment Council and Outdoor Power Equipment Council chairmen

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20th April 2018

UK Agricultural Tractor Registrations – February 2018

As anticipated, UK registrations of agricultural tractors (over 50hp) slowed down in February.

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1st March 2018

Health and Harmony: the future for food, farming and the environment in a Green Brexit

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16th March 2018

UK Agricultural Tractor Registrations – 2016 registrations by brand

The total number of tractors registered for road use in 2016 was 12,025, including both agricultural tractors (over 50hp) and compact tractors (50hp and below).

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16th February 2018


Tillage-Live is set to return to Scotland in 2018 with the event being held in Dunbar, East Lothian by the kind permission of Eweford Farm.

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1st February 2018

UK Agricultural Tractor Registrations – December 2017

UK registrations of new agricultural tractors (over 50hp) in December 2017 reached 1,360 units

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25th January 2018

AEA AGM, Conference & Luncheon – ** FULL SPEAKER LINE-UP CONFIRMED **

We are delighted to announce that Anthea McIntyre MEP will complete our conference line-up.

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12th January 2018

UK Agricultural Tractor Registrations – September 2017

For the second month in a row, UK agricultural tractor registrations (over 50hp) in September were below their level in the same month last year.

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6th October 2017

UK Agricultural Tractor Registrations – January to June 2017

The total tractor power sold in the first half of 2017 was 1.002 million hp, an increase of 17% against the same period in 2016 (only agricultural units of over 50 hp).

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21st July 2017

AEA Welcome New Finance and Facilities Manager

The AEA is delighted to announce that James (Jim) Robinson has joined the team as the new Finance and Facilities Manager.

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18th July 2017

Tractor Registrations May 2017

Tractor registrations up 4.1% in May.

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5th June 2017

New President for AEA

The AEA is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Ormond, Managing Director of SAME Deutz-Fahr UK, as the new President of the association.

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26th April 2017

2017 - 2018 OPE and FE Council Chairs

The AEA is pleased to announce the appointments of the 2017 - 2018 Farm Equipment Council and Outdoor Power Equipment Council chairmen.

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20th April 2017

UK Exports of Agricultural and Outdoor Power Engineering up 3% in 2016

UK exports of agricultural and outdoor power products rose by 3.1% in 2016 to £1.76 billion, based on AEA analysis of data from Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs.

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10th March 2017

Tillage-Live 2017 Returns to Lincolnshire

Tillage-Live is set to return to Lincolnshire in 2017 with the event being held at Wickenby, by the kind permission of Rainthorpe Farms Ltd.

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24th January 2017

EGMF Publish Compliance Guides

The European Garden Machinery Federation (EGMF) has published a series of compliance guides to help market surveillance authorities with the checking of conformity of various types of garden machinery in the European Union.

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23rd January 2017

UK Agricultural Tractor Registrations 2016

Registrations of agricultural tractors (over 50hp) reached 10,602 units in 2016, a decrease of 2.2% from the level of the previous year.

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20th January 2017

AEA Welcomes New Agricultural Economist

The AEA is delighted to announce that Stephen Howarth has joined the team as the new Agricultural Economist.

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11th January 2017

New Date for Understanding Dealer Finances

This course was originally running in December, but has now been re-scheduled for 14 – 15 February 2017.

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18th November 2016

AEA launch 2016-17 Training for Business programme

We are pleased to announce the release of the 2016-17 Training for Business programme. The programme consists of 19 different soft skills subjects which run from November 2016 through to April 2017.

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21st September 2016

The Agricultural Machinery Industry – An Overview

An overview of the agricultural machinery industry for 2015

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1st September 2016

PANIU Latest Quarterly Report Released

The latest quarterly report from the Plant & Agricultural National Intelligence Unit (PANIU) has been released.

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8th August 2016

UK Tractor Registrations show size increase

In the first half of the year 5,382 agricultural* tractors were registered for road use; this was a decrease of 9.8% compared with the first half of 2015.

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26th July 2016

AEA Welcome New Economist

The AEA is delighted to announce that Theodora Levanti-Rowe has joined the team as an Economist, specialising in Outdoor Power.

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12th July 2016

New Face on the AEA Board

The AEA are please to announce the appointment of Les Malin, Etesia UK Ltd, to the AEA Board of Directors.

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6th July 2016

Results of the Referendum on EU Membership

We have been asked about the likely impact of leaving the EU after yesterday’s vote. The reality is that it is far too early to assess not least as the UK will continue to be a member for at least two years.

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24th June 2016

Are you up to speed with the New Sprayer Testing Requirements?

We look at the requirements of the Sustainable Use Directive with Duncan Russell, NSTS Manager

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24th May 2016

Scotgrass Lowdown

ScotGrass was held at Crichton Royal Farms, Dumfries on Wednesday 18th May.

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8th June 2016

AEA AGM and Conference 2016

The AEA AGM and Conference recently took place at One Great George Street, London SW1.

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21st April 2016

AEA Welcome New Business Analyst

Welcome Daniel Fasham – AEA Business Analyst

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13th April 2016

AEA To Launch National Spreader Testing Scheme At Tillage Live

The Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) is to launch a nationwide fertiliser spreader testing protocol to ensure all spreaders – disc, boom and pendulum - are tested to the same exacting standard.

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17th August 2015

AEA Take On Twitter

The Agricultural Engineers Association are excited to announce the launch of their Twitter account.

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31st July 2015

AEA Overseas programme 2015-16

Events to be supported by UKTI via the Tradeshow Access Programme

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7th June 2015

AEA Welcome New Marketing Manager

The Agricultural Engineers Association is delighted to announce the appointment of Kayleigh Holden in the newly created role of Marketing and Communications Manager.

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6th July 2015

Choosing the right fuel

Farmers must take care to choose the right fuel

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31st March 2015

The UK agricultural equipment market in 2014

Farm equipment spend estimated to have fallen 5% in 2014 to around £1.8 billion.

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23rd January 2015

EEF and AEA are working together to bring AEA members further services and support

As an AEA member, you are now entitled to become an Affiliate Member of EEF.

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13th October 2014

The UK Agricultural Equipment Market in first half 2014

Activity in the first half of the year combined with current overall prospects for the second half suggests that 2014 will see a similar level of expenditure on equipment by farmers to the estimated £1.9 billion spent last year.

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5th August 2014

The UK agricultural equipment market in 2013

Comment on the UK farm machinery market in 2013, being issued as we approach the 2014 LAMMA show, which is to be held for the first time in Peterborough

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13th January 2014

UK Tractor Registrations 2013

The final count of registrations for road use of agricultural tractors (over) 50hp) in the UK for 2013 was 12,498 units which represents a decrease of 10.4% on the 2012 level.

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8th January 2014

OPE markets see some improvements

Our figures suggest that the value of sales of commercial outdoor power equipment has seen a fairly steady increase since the dramatic drop starting towards the end of 2008 and continuing through until early 2010.

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14th October 2013

Pesticides in the UK

The 2012 report on the impacts and sustainable use of pesticides

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20th June 2013

Three questions about new EU Braking rules for tractors

The CEMA Secretariat turned into a studio for one day for the making of a video interview with CEMA President Gilles Dryancour answering 3 questions about new EU Braking rules for tractors

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14th June 2013

Notifying HMRC and paying VAT on vehicles brought into the UK - changes coming

Brief article about the subject of vehicle imports and forthcoming changes to the notification process. The article contains a link to further information on our website concerning the changes.

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27th February 2013

Benefitting from the enhanced Annual Investment Allowances

Press Release drawing attention to the opportunity to benefit from the Annual Investment Allowances

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21st February 2013

Landbased Engineering Skills Strategy 2012-2017

The Landbased Engineering Skills Strategy 2012-2017 has been launched by LE-TEC.

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12th August 2012

IAgrE response UK government's Foresight Project

The report, stimulated by discussions with the Government‘s Chief Scientific Adviser and others, is entitled “Agricultural Engineering – a key discipline enabling agriculture to deliver global food security.”

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18th June 2012

Tractor Selection, Management and Optimisation

The AEA has produced three short articles on Tractor Selection, Management and Optimisation giving broad advice. To get the most out of a tractor it is necessary to choose the correct unit in the first place and then to operate it at greatest efficiency.

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7th October 2011

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