Several information services are available for members, delivered by email and through the members’ only website. There are many commercial services available to members and the AEA expressly does not compete with these. The added value, which differentiates what AEA offers, is the special role that member companies play in providing support and helping to identify and being actively involved in the solutions.

Membership information services include:

  • Alerts – early identification of upcoming issues
  • Advice on new policy, regulation, EU and UK legislation and best practice
  • Research results
  • Market intelligence
  • Economic assessments
  • Statistical collection
  • Technical information and support
  • Export and overseas opportunities
  • Legal expertise
  • Archive library
  • Committee structure to bring members together

The AEA works alongside UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) and other relevant Trade Associations to focus Government support on trade development and export to meet the needs of the land based equipment industry.

The AEA will help members realise the opportunities provided by trade shows and market visits throughout the world. It can assist members and every scale of business whether they be experienced or new to exporting with support through the TAP (Tradeshow Access Programme) scheme.

The AEA organises events specific to manufacturers’ requirements and needs. These include Tillage-Live and ScotGrass (triennial grassland event) as well as specific conferences and seminars.

Through the work of the AEA’s engineering and technology committees, the AEA can facilitate involvement in UK and European-level research programmes.

Member companies work with us to ensure they know what opportunities there are for participating in or creating technology and demonstration programmes.

The AEA has a responsibility on behalf of UK industry to develop technical standards and there are opportunities for members to become involved in the development of these. The AEA will support and obtain travel funding for attendance at meetings wherever possible.

Funding is obtained from BIS (ex DTI) and is received via BSI. Applications are complex and the total funds available to UK Industry as a whole from government is diminishing. This facility is key to the work of the technical department and has to be thoroughly watched and lobbied.

The preparation of standards in the Farm Equipment and Outdoor Power sectors is part of a continuous programme of standardization for land equipment application under the auspices of the various AEA Technical Standards Committees.

A supporting suite of technical expertise from AEA staff members adds value to the world wide standardization programmes ensuring members have state of the art and latest information.

The AEA focuses the industry’s drive for qualifications through the industry sector skills council to government that are relevant to the industry’s needs.

The AEA Training and Education Committee will continue to work with Members and other organisations to initiate and implement Training and Retention measures that assist Member companies. The AEA is also involved in the careers project.


AEA owns and administers the National Sprayer Testing Scheme and is contracted to run the secretariat of the Milking Equipment Association (MEA).
BSI AGE [Agricultural & Garden Equipment] 006/015/020/029/032 BSI Committees, CEN/TC/144/WG 7 [Garden Equipment] and CEN/TC 354/WG 2 [Side By Side].

The AEA is a trade association representing manufacturers and importers of agricultural machinery and outdoor power equipment (horticulture, professional and leisure grass care and forestry).

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