Greenhouse Gas Action Plan (GHGAP)
The AEA is a member of the Greenhouse Gas Action Plan (GHGAP) which is the principal mechanism for delivering the farming industry’s commitment to a reduction in annual emissions from agriculture in England of three million tonnes CO2-equivalent (Mt CO2e) as set out in the Low Carbon Transition Plan by the third carbon budget period (2018 – 2022). The robust partnership established in 2010 aims to improve awareness amongst farmers and growers of GHG emissions and drive the implementation of on-farm practices that reduce GHG emissions per unit of production, thereby reducing the need for regulation or taxation.

The latest progress report (covering actions up to 2015) can be found below.



European Environmental Initiatives (precision farming)
Through our European Association CEMA we participate in advancing the potential solutions to the global food challenge with particular emphasis on the contribution and benefits of precision farming.   Click here for a detailed report.

For a more detailed explanation of the various concepts incorporated in the generic tern of precision farming click here.

Use the following link to access the dedicated CEMA site: