Experience the benefits of the AEA

“Without the AEA we would miss the chance to meet with our competitors and contemporaries. As a result of using the AEA legal service we have been able to develop improved agreements and contracts”

- James Woolway OPICO

Have you got the agricultural / outdoor power equipment information and support you need to develop your business?

  • The AEA answers 100’s of technical, export and legislative enquiries from members every year.
  • With approximately 60 legislative and directive changes per month how will you make sure you’re always up to date?
  • Have you ever wanted more information and statistics on specific areas of agricultural or outdoor power equipment?

Using the AEA

  • The AEA is your signpost and watchdog for all agricultural engineering and outdoor power equipment issues
  • Will provide you with statistical and economic market intelligence
  • Will help you keep abreast of changes to legislation and standards
  • Will help you lobby for changes within the industry sector
  • Will provide you with networking opportunities to meet and talk to all within the industry

The AEA works for everyone within agricultural engineering and outdoor power equipment

  • From Combine Harvesters to Secateurs
  • From Balers to Lawn mowers
  • From ATVs to Hedge Cutters
  • From Sprayers to Brush Cutters

Wouldn’t you like to have an organisation that was on your side and battling your corner as you look to develop your UK based agricultural engineering / outdoor power business.


“The AEA staff are helpful, knowledgeable and experienced. We turn to them regularly for advice especially on standards and legislation”

- Robin Lennie – Stihl

“The AEA have helped us as a business through their economic and statistical work which is both incredibly useful and massively time saving for us”

 - Gary King – Bosch

The AEA has been providing members with support for over 135 years and is recognised within farming, the political arena and Europe as the leading agricultural engineering and outdoor power equipment support organisation within the UK.

For more information on the benefits provided by the AEA Call 08456 448748!


Robin Lennie of Stihl talking about the Agricultural Engineers Association

Gary King of Bosch talking about the Agricultural Engineers Association


Membership allows you to experience all the benefits of the AEA.

  • Gain direct contact to all AEA staff and their experience and expertise. Within the AEA we have many years of agricultural engineering and outdoor power experience
  • Using our comprehensive database access to general statistical and economic information. This information is great when you are looking at planning or making critical strategic decisions
  • Our Technical Support service regularly saves members “weeks if not months of time” allowing design engineers to get on with their business as opposed to worrying about non value added issues
  • Legal advice provided through Michael Darke & Wragge, the 24hr helpline is free to use and is ideal for gaining an expert opinion on HR / Employment / Business legalities
  • Export advice and support for UK manufacturers.
  • Get the information you need as it occurs through:
    • Newsletters - AEA Economic news and views, Legal Line and Technical bulletins.
    • The Director General's weekly email (DG’s email) provides a snapshot of the headlines for the week. Detailed information for each article is easily accessed if required and links / attachments are included
  • Invitation to a relevant Council/Committee meeting with an introduction to the AEA staff - your chance to have your say about issues within agricultural engineering and outdoor power

 For more information on the benefits provided by the AEA Call 08456 448748!