The AEA provides a committee structure to cover all sectors of the land equipment industry. The AEA model nurtures and builds consensus by strong member leadership. The AEA committee structure offers opportunities for members at all levels to meet, network, and debate key issues, work together and share information. These represent opportunities for professionals within the industry to develop their credentials and take on highly visible cross-industry roles.

Members have different motivations to participate in AEA networks. Some invest key people and resources to drive the industry agenda. Others want to keep their companies informed at strategic or tactical levels. Some participate to raise the profile of their company or people. Some look to participate in specific projects – achieving very particular objectives to drive their business forward.

AEA members are encouraged to communicate their views broadly through the AEA committee structure and websites so that all members can have visibility of the work that is undertaken. So even if members cannot afford the time to engage directly, they can keep in touch or participate electronically at a time that suits them, in those topics that are most relevant to their business