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What do you get as a member of the AEA?

Industry statistics

AEA collects a wide range of statistics and surveys on behalf of members to give them a better understanding of industry trends. Among other things, these cover sales, deliveries and orders of different kinds of machinery, forecasts of future market trends, and opinion surveys about the state of the industry and key issues. Detailed statistics are provided to participating companies, with headline results available to all members.

Economic and political analysis

AEA provides analysis of economic and political issues affecting the industry to members. Our regular Agricultural Economic Newsletter and OPE Economic Newsletter keep members up-to-date with the information they need to run their businesses. More detailed reports are produced from time to time and we are happy to help members with any particular requests they may have.

Access to information

As well as the types of information mentioned above, AEA makes sure that members are aware of other news, developments and events which may be of interest. A wide range of information of this kind is brought together in a weekly newsletter sent out to all members. Read our Director General Newsletter. For those members who are manufacturing in the UK, we provide additional information through our monthly Manufacturers’ Bulletin, which includes updates on export opportunities and funding sources as well as other information which is particularly relevant to them.

Technical standards and regulations

The AEA has a responsibility on behalf of UK industry to develop technical standards and there are opportunities for members to become involved in this process. AEA also seeks to influence regulations affecting machinery, covering both technical standards and how equipment can be used. Information about standards and regulations are regularly communicated to members and we are happy to help members with any particular queries or issues they may have.

Export support

The AEA works alongside the Department for International Trade (DIT) and other relevant Trade Associations to focus Government support on trade development and export to meet the needs of the land based equipment industry. The AEA can also help members realise the opportunities provided by trade shows and market visits throughout the world. It can assist members with funding through DIT’s TAP (Tradeshow Access Programme) scheme.

Shows and events

The AEA organises events specific to manufacturers’ requirements and needs. These include two trade shows, Tillage-Live (annual cultivation event) and ScotGrass (triennial grassland event), an annual conference and specific conferences and seminars on issues of interest or concern to members.

Skills development

Working with partners across the industry, the AEA is involved in developing qualifications and standards for technicians and engineers which are relevant to the industry’s needs. AEA also provides a range of training courses through the Training for Business programme, with discounted rates for members’ employees.

Representing AEA members

The AEA represents member companies to Government, Parliament, and the media and to other key opinion formers. The AEA works with European and international organisations to influence audiences outside the UK. The AEA keeps members briefed on key issues at Council and Committee meetings, and through member-only networks and the website. AEA also participates in a number of networks and partnerships to support the interests of members. Examples include the Farm Safety Partnership, a pan-industry body which aims at introducing safer practices in the agricultural industry to reduce accidents and even fatality levels, the Greenhouse Gas Action Plan group, which aims to reduce UK agriculture’s emissions, and the Agri-Brexit Coalition, a grouping of eight associations supplying products and services to farmers with common interests as the UK leaves the EU.