Training 4 Business Launch this Week

We are delighted to launch the Training for Business prospectus for 2017/2018.  Please do take time to look at the courses on offer and contact us with your enrolments.  As you will know we offer bespoke courses for the landbased and agricultural industries and the pricing structure has once again been held at introduction season levels.  These courses offer exceptional training at very reduced costs to our members.  

We would like to highlight the first few courses in the schedule: 

Course Title


Essential Selling - Selling Through Dealers
(Maximising sales performance of dealers)

31 Oct - 1 Nov 2017

Selling Skills – Selling Through Dealers Advanced          (The next level in gaining sales performance from dealers)

2 Nov 2017

Retail Parts Sales and Marketing (Maximising sales, profit   and efficiency in the parts department)

14 - 15 Nov 2017


Please contact Angela on or 01733 207602 for further information.