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The overall value of turnover of AEA members, both manufacturers and suppliers to the British market, was estimated at some £4.2 billion in 2015. Exports for tractors, agricultural machinery and outdoor power equipment accounted for £1.8 billion.

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Agricultural Engineering Industry

For the agricultural engineering sector total turnover was estimated to be some £3.3 billion, of which UK based manufacturers contributed £1.7 billion. The value of exports in this sector was more than £1.6 billion, leaving the domestic market at almost £1.7 billion. The figures suggest that in 2015 the UK agricultural engineering industry suffered a modest trade deficit (some £60 million).

Domestic Market: In the last decade between 10,000 and 18,000 new agricultural tractors have been registered each year; 2015 saw a total of 10,842 units, 12.8% less than 2014. The average horsepower of an agricultural tractor has risen from 128 to 157 hp in the last 10 years.  More detailed registration statistics can be found under the tab 'tractor statistics'.

The table below gives recent estimated market sizes for some of the major products purchased by farmers.


                   Unit Market Sizes 

 Calendar year 2014     2015     % change 
 Tractors 12,433 10,842 -13
 Telehandlers 3,125 2,775 -11
 Tractor loaders 3,430 3,040 -11
 Ploughs 1,040 700 -33
 Power harrows 1,130 880 -22
 Sprayers (trailed & mounted) 565 485 -14
 Utility ATVs 6,500 6,750 +4
 Utility vehicles (side x sides) 5,300 5,600 +6
 Mowers/mower conditioners 3,170 2,575 -19
 Seasonal year 2013/14   2014/15    % change 
 Combines 800 620 -23
 Self propelled foragers 160 173 +8
 Round balers 1,300 1,125 -13
 Big square balers 310 250 -19


Outdoor Power Equipment

The total domestic market for outdoor power equipment has been estimated at almost £700 million in 2015, an increase of some 2% on the previous year.

Within this total, sales of domestic mowers are estimated to have been worth some £230 million, with volumes in the region of 33,000 petrol ride-ons, 310,000 petrol pedestrian units and some 1.25 million electrics.  In addition, there were more than 7,000 commercial mowers valued at over £80 million and 2,800 compact and sub-compact tractors worth more than £40 million.

The value of sales of chainsaws, brush cutters/trimmers and hedge trimmers is believed to have been more than £200 million, with a little over £70 million attributed to electric units and the rest to petrol models.